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SNI e-Invoicing Solution

Open code applications, fully working on SAP without any dependency on a vendor, are developed entirely in ABAP language. They do not require any additional system or any extra web software (portal, etc) and are fully integrated with all modules


SNI e-Invoice SAP Package

Ideal for SAP users or ones who wish to run e-invoicing system over SAP.

SNI e-Invoice JPortal

The solution that runs independent from ERP system with 100% support and involves SAP connectors within

SNI e-Invoice e-Stamp

External e-stamp software is at our developers' service

SNI e-Invoice SAP Integrator

SAP Integrator is at your service if you run an external e-invoicing system and wish to monitor all processes on your usual screens.

SNI e-Invoice product comparison table



Other Solutions incl. External Portal(C,.net etc.)
Working Environment (OS) All All Varies according to programming language
User`s interface %100 SAP ECC % 50 SAP ECC
% 50 SAP XI
% 10 SAP
% 90 External Portal
Software Language (Expertise required) ABAP % 50 ABAP
% 50 XI
% 10 ABAP
% 90 External Language
Open Code %100 OPEN Not Available % 10 OPEN
Dependency on Supplier Companies No No Changes depend on supplier
Additional Hardware Not Required Required Required
Additional SAP License Not Required Required + Annual Maintenance Fee Depends on suppliers
Digital Signature Software Included Not Included Not Included
Multiple software integration option All integrations are open All integrations are open Supplier company should be contacted
Online support service (Ticket system) Yes ? ?

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