Greece myData Electronic Books postponed to the end of the year

Independent Authority for Public Revenue - AADE - has recently published a notification concerning the implementation timeline of mydata e-books. 

The deadline for sending revenue invoices was postponed to December 31, 2020. The deadline for sending expense classifications was postponed to February 28, 2021.  The data submission will start on: -July 20 for taxpayers who use third-party service providers and, -October 1 for taxpayers that transfer invoices directly from ERP systems. Moreover, the transmission of retail receipts starts in October. A mass transmission will be done monthly for retail receipts issued through a cash register. Regarding the retail documents issued without an obligation to use a cash register, the transmission will be realized per document and start in January 2021.  Electronic books regulation is an important milestone in the digitalization of Greek Tax Administration. All taxpayers keeping records according to Greek Accounting Standards will be obliged to report their invoice information to the Public Revenue Authority’s myData Portal. Upon receipt of invoices, the Analytical and Summary book of each taxpayer will be updated electronically on the Portal. The e-books will be cross-checked with tax returns, which will continue to be submitted separately. The inconsistencies will be notified to the taxpayers and will have to be corrected in a two-months period. In case of a failure, there will be serious penalties.