What is Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T)?

SAF-T, introduced by OECD, is a file containing reliable accounting data exported from an accounting system for a specific time period. It has become a standard audit application in many OECD countries. The goal is to identify and eradicate the non-compliance in tax reporting. SAF-T has brought significant benefits to governments and taxpayers. Reduced costs and audit durations, and increased effectiveness are some of them. SAF-T is easily readable thanks to its standardized layout and format, and extensible according to need.

SAF-T in France

SAF-T reporting requirements were introduced in France in 2014. Since 1 January 2014, the accounting records file - FEC “Fichier d’Ecritures Comptables”- with 18 fields to be filled in for each accounting entry must be presented to the tax authorities on demand.

If the FEC is not provided to the tax auditor, is incomplete or not compliant with the regulation, it may lead to a rejection of all bookkeeping, including the rejection of all the related returns and taxes (VAT, Financial Statements, corporate tax…)

How Can SNI Help You?

- A single partner for all countries:
At SNI, our primary objective is to be the global partner to help our customers remain compliant in this new digital world.

- End-to-end solution all three major steps in one single SAP add-on:

SNI covers all three 3 main layers for digital tax reporting and regulatory compliance

SNI SAF-T Solution Architecture

Support for a long-term relationship

Main Features of SNI add-ons

  • - Fully integrated into SAP without an external interface or use of external software

  • - Globally registered «/SNI/» namespace for all objects

  • - SAP Version independent. Supports SAP ERP 4.7 and higher and also S/4HANA versions

  • - SAP release and upgrade independent; implemented without core modification

  • - ABAP is the programming language

  • - Installation is done simply by external transport file

  • - All developments under a package

  • - XML data stored in /SNI/ tables

  • - Compatibility – working with XI/PI or e-invoice integrators

  • - Standard SAP authorization used

  • - User-friendly screens

  • - Own customized tables

  • - Own transaction codes and menus

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